Saturday, 6 June 2009

Digressions and a working breakfast

We’ve had wonderful weather here for the last couple of weeks. Brilliant blue skies, sunshine so clear you can almost touch it, sparkling seas… sometimes rustling and playing, white caps tossing tiny heads, or occasionally as still and calm as a translucent mirror.

But today is different.

Today, the skies are clouded and frowning. Sprinkles of rain-mist tap my face as I walk outside. The wind is chill.

So I’m here at school, trying to catch up. I have reports to write, an inbox which is bulging so much it is in real danger of physically splitting, a desk piled high with papers and files. And that’s after tidying and sorting out before I left on Friday… whoops, that was yesterday. Less than 24 hours ago.

What am I doing? None of that, obviously. Catching up on my blog. It’s important.

It’s important to stop and reflect. To take that deep breath and review where life has gone in the last couple of weeks and where it is heading off to next. I’m only talking the next 14 days or so.

It’s important.

My morning was a precious oasis of catch up time, too. Every month I love to host a breakfast for working ladies in our church – whose lives are too busy Monday to Friday to go to home groups or other socials but who crave more time with God and His people than they get on a Sunday. We feast together, chat together, laugh together and focus on God’s word together. I lead, we all share. A good friend has caught the vision and comes early with gifts of food, helps me prepare, welcomes everyone. The breakfast is open to all the church, but typically there are about 10 of us and we all fit comfortably around my big table. There are some old, some new faces; friendships are forged, renewed, deepened. We take time out to reflect on our working lives: on how God sustains us in and through our work, and on how we can return that favour – to our colleagues.

I talked this morning about prayer. And digression.

This is DIGRESSION. A breath of fresh air before I dive into work. And it is SO welcome!


lisa said...

I'd like to join you at your big table :-)

Mama Mpira said...

I wish you could too!