Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Taking stock

So... finished school nearly three weeks ago. What on earth have I been doing with my time since then?

1. Recovering my brain. Example of brain-mush: prepared salad for supper. Defrosted cooked chicken pieces. Put meal on table. Husband queried absence of protein, seeing only green salad and potato salad. Produced cheese for said protein. Ate meal. Finished meal. Remembered that chicken pieces (original protein element) were still in microwave, unused and lonely.

2. Catching up on desperate jobs: cleaning out email inbox, filing. Clearing out garage. Spring cleaning bookshelves and office. Shampooing carpets. Defrosting fridge and freezer. Result: satisfaction.

3. Catching up on non-essentials: making cards out of recycled bits and pieces.

4. Gardening. And more gardening.

5. The best bit of all: catching up with friends, Renee in particular. Celebrating her birthday.

The time has gone quickly.

Now it's truly holiday - for a while, before I catch up on school work. Richard and I go to New Wine tomorrow,seeing old friends - two lots - on the way. We rarely get to meet up with them these days, so that will be a real treat. There is nothing quite as exciting and revigorating as finding out about the wonderful things God is doing in the lives of those we love. Mmmm.

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