Thursday, 24 September 2009

Living a different life

Life is different now that Jonny and Cat have gone back to uni.
The house is quiet, texts and emails occasional as we all get busy.
Too busy, sometimes, to really miss each other with sharp pangs.
More like a dull ache.

Loss of their presence sits heavy, peering over my shoulder.

I live with this as my life is full of other people's lives.
Children I teach; their parents; my colleagues; my friends; my church family.

I live with this as my life is full of tasks.
Lessons to prepare, books to mark, courses to study, assignments to complete.
Housework and cooking work, walking the dog work, cycling to work. Shopping work.

I live with this presence, relieving the heaviness with the lightness of texts, emails and phone conversations.

The sky lightens.

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