Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Quiet but busy

Nothing written here for a while - busyness and illness overtook.

Consider this: I have had both ordinary flu jab (at the end of October) and the swine flu jab (at the end of November - 23rd, to be precise).

So what happens?
6th December, I get sick. Sore throat, cold, cough etc etc. Stagger in and out of school, finish term still coughing, then develop various other symptoms, 2 days in bed as of yesterday...the most ill I have been in one stretch for YEARS. Coincidence?

Anyway, I am inspired to write a note regarding the entertainment of and by Guernsey Police.

Incident 1: young friend of J and C comes to visit. Unsure of the turning off the main road, he slows down in good time so that he doesn't miss it. And is stopped by the police for 'erratic, aka too slow, driving'. Breathalysed, papers checked, the lot. Couldn't find anything wrong so they gave him an 'official warning'. Of what, he wasn't - and still isn't - sure. With the rider that 'if it happens again, it'll be a VPI for you, mate'.
'What's a VPI?' he asked.
'A pain in the arse for you,' was the reply as they drove off. Laughing.

Incident 2:
Son, returning home from church youth group Christmas dinner, followed and then stopped by police.
Police: "Sir, you are driving erratically. Have you been drinking?"
Son: "No."
Police: "That's all right then. But you are driving too fast." (The top speed limit in Guernsey is 35 mph.)
Son: "Oh no, I was speeding!"
Police: "You were doing 40mph. That is not speeding by any stretch of your imagination. No, the road is wet and slippery."
I'm not sure where the conversation went after that....

I wonder, is it boring being on police patrol?

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