Sunday, 13 June 2010

Random doings

Nearly half way through June.  Hmmm.  What have I done?

I've spent a LOT of time watching ducks.  A pair at the back door this morning, asking for food.  They didn't like leftover pastry but gobbled up leftover barbecue rolls.  (Just a little - it's not good to give bread to ducks at all, really, but that was all I had.)

Last week, TWO mama ducks.  With ducklings.  5 and 8 each.  13 all together.

Then there were the rabbits...  they make free of the garden now that Mpira is no longer around to chase them. These two inhabit the back: the tiny one on the front lawn is now almost their size.  A few days ago, one was almost at the back doorstep, along with four visiting mallards.

And this afternoon we saw goldfinches...and a moth crawling along the patio, scurrying like an ant...

I've been watching nature a LOT.

Then there have been more evening beach visits:
Port Grat, our 'local' beach - just a few minutes walk from our house. So beautiful.
And Cat came home from uni...even more so.

(And I haven't even mentioned I won't.)

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