Sunday, 12 June 2011

Happy in the moment...

Karen Ehman talks about 'Embracing the Now'. About being thankful in whatever circumstances...wonder where I've heard that before? This is MY 'now' that fills my mind in this particular minute:
A computer of my own to use when I want, how I want…
A freshly made cappuchino to drink as quickly – or as slowly – as I want
An email conversation with my sister-in-law that reminds me of the blessings of family.
A breakfast with a sweet friend, which sets me up for a relaxed weekend
A room to prepare for an unknown guest – the friend of a friend – the blessings of a stranger
A house that waits for a dearly loved husband to come home.
A home that longs for the return of the ‘flown-the-nesters’
And a job, done with the strength God gives, full of dear colleagues and eager children.
Just a glimpse of my ‘now’.

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