Friday, 8 July 2011

End of term: some sadness...

The end of the school year - in some ways, much looked forward to - brings with it some sadness. For ten months, the children and I have worked together. They have matured and developed in astonishing ways. One child this year has made amazing strides - he is almost unrecognizable, a completely different child from the one who arrived in my classroom in September.

Me too. The children teach me, change me - usually, these days, making me MORE patient, though not always. They teach me - about surfing, sport, what's 'cool' and what isn't... they sometimes, even, let me gain a tiny glimpse into the ways their minds work.

So, as today was the last day of the school year, we all said our goodbyes. They will have changed again over the summer, entering the next school year even older and 'wiser'. I will see passing, for the odd lesson or two, but it will not be the same. We will have lost our sense of  'togetherness' that we have had over the year.

And that is healthy. They are not, in any case, 'my' children. They have parents, families who, in their turn, will have to let them go into the world as adults.

As I have already had to do. But that is another story, with its own joys and sadness. Enough for today.


Lisa notes... said...

You are a good teacher.

Through my years of teaching my kids, I have always learned far more than they. Often things I didn't WANT to learn--like how impatient I can be. But God is faithful to give us the lessons tailor-designed just for us.

Enjoy your break.

I left the reply below to your comment on my blog, but copying here in case you don't get it over there:

I can imagine how difficult that is for you. But I pray God will bless you as you offer him your worship wherever you are. I can tell by your attitude of “seeking to give” that you are a blessing to those you are there with. If I were a coffee-drinker, I’d love to sit down and share a cup with you in community. :-)

Mama Mpira said...

Thank you Lisa - for both comments, very encouraging (as you always are!)
And yes, I'd love to have coffee with you - it's just about my favourite thing to do with my already-friends or just-getting-to-know-you friends and even with strangers who are friends-in-the-making!