Thursday, 4 August 2011

Rabbits galore!

Mixed blessings, rabbits.

Entertainment value: 10 out of 10. As I type, Our Rabbit, who has been with us since he was Tiny Bunny,is busy chomping his way across the lawn. He acts rather like the dog: lies on his side,asleep, on hot sunny afternoons; sits up, ears alert, watching something hidden in the bushes; or stretches his front paws out, legs extended behind him.
Very like the dog.
Mostly, he ignores us when we attempt to stop him digging in the flowerbeds. And he barely moves when we go outside to sit on the lawn - probably because he thinks it belongs to him.
Very like the dog.
Sometimes, he leaps up, chasing around for apparently no reason; or sits up on his hind legs and EATS the roses. (He particularly likes the petals, but he'll snack on leaves as well.)

Nuisance value: 10 out of 10.
Holes in the lawn. Holes in the flowerbeds. A massive hole, surrounded by mud, in the middle of the bottom lawn.

The damage is not caused by 'our' rabbit, though. That must be due to Evil Bunny, who has a vicious black stripe across his nose, or Ugly Bunny, with his 'staring' coat.

And it certainly can't be the fault of the 'Mini-Buns' - two miniscule rabbits who leap around the front of the house, darting in and out of the bushes. Sooo sweet!

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