Saturday, 10 September 2011


Puppydom has arrived!  Her given name is Lily...images of white beauty and sweet smells don't seem to go with the black squirming reality which is making her presence felt in our house....

The Swedish word 'Lilla' means little, used as a term of endearment...and she definitely has Jack Russell in her genes - so 'Lilla Pickle' it is.
Pickle for short.
And so the adventures begin...
Hmmm...looks interesting...

...wonder what this is? POND? What's a 'pond'?


Man, that was WET!

Towels are for chewing. NOT drying - what a silly idea!

All done and dusted.
Well and truly pickled now.

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lisa said...

Oh, congratulations!!! She's adorable! Happy days ahead to all of you. xo