Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday blues...

I'd already posted today - after quite a long silence - when I suddenly realised that a lot of the blogs I subscribe to are written by YOUNG WOMEN. A LOT of them.  And while they are all marvellously inspiring to read, it hit home hard today that actually I need to link up with empty nesters.
Because that's what I am. Yes, I am still a mother. Just, it seems, no longer 'practising' or 'employed' in the same way as when my children were younger. Because they are not children any more. (Haven't been for some time, if I am honest. I hope, dreadful thought, that I haven't been treating them as toddlers for the last six years. Or even as primary age children. Or teenagers. Hmm....)
So I haven't gone to bed when I should have done. I'm here, on my laptop, searching for bloggy empty nester friends.
This is where I know God has been here before me.
Earlier this evening, I clicked on an (In)courage link. A wonderful newsletter/blog with a variety of contributors. I didn't read it, just opened it up for later. It was the first thing I saw when I sat back down at my laptop.
So I read the post. I scrolled down. I saw the author bio: Deidra is an East Coast girl living in an empty nest ... 
And that was enough for me.  I'm lining up here this Sunday to follow this wise empty nester and see what other wisdom I might gain along the way.
Because I need this help.


Deidra said...

Oh! So happy to meet you! What a gift that you'e linked up. The Sunday Community has been such a blessing to me, and I'm sure it will be a blessing to you as well. So looking forward to getting to know you!

caryjo said...

I've been an empty nester for years and years... and it's never bothered me. God has me so busy in so many ways... including hitting the road into various parts of the country to help people ... so if I had others in the house I couldn't do it. But, with kids, g-kids, local refugees I'm helping, and others on my plate, it's nice to come home to a quiet house and rest. Hope, either way, you find yourself filled with the Lord's blessing heart.