Saturday, 10 March 2012

Oh dear...but life goes on.

Lots of good news...Pickle chewed the microphone cable in two. Yes, it's good news. It didn't do any harm (apart from rendering the microphone unusable and so we can't talk on Skype until we have a new one). She could have chewed on the high voltage heating cable lying next to it.

A healthy family, busy doing rewarding jobs - including Richard, back flying after nearly 8 months.

Entertaining weather. THICK THICK fog - literally, pea soup; bright warm sunshine, picnic weather; torrential rain of tropical proportions, roads and paths becoming rivers and streams.

But...Pickle does get herself in a pickle.

The last couple of weeks has seen:
4 shoes - aka 2 pairs - chewed.
Countless tennis balls ripped down to baldness.
1 pot hyacinth bulbs dug up.
1 garden 'lost' in - as in 'What? You're calling me? I can't have heard you...'
Wish I could train her as well as this Jack Russell...
 However, she does have very exciting playdates with Howie the Boston Terrier...

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