Sunday, 30 September 2012

Slipper sisters

Just visited my dear 'more than a sister friend' Ann.

Being together is like putting on a pair of comfortable slippers. We laughed as we wondered exactly what kind of slippers each of us was.

I wanted to be one of an elegant pair of mules: pale blue, with gold edging and ostrich feathers on top. Functional yet beautiful. Ann is even more like that - slim, elegant, shining with glory.

We make a good pair.

Being with another of my friends is definitely like putting on a pair of sheepskin slippers: no-nonsense ties at the front which fit the slipper securely to the foot. Warm, safe, solid. Reassuring. Comforting.

Another friendship is a pair of flip-flops - 'slippers' to Kenyans. Casual, bare-footed, ready to slip off at a second's notice to race together into adventure: on safari in the bush, discovering new tracks and pathways.

Yet another close relationship is almost like 'old person's slippers'; nothing fancy to look at, worn down a little at the heel, yet containing so much wisdom and experience, gladly shared.

And while serviceable shoes, sturdy, waterproof boots, pretty shoes and light-hearted sandals are all important: nothing feels as close to home as slippers. And slipper sisters.

And a PS from Ann:

"Now for those slippers. I think you got the wrong pair for me. Mine are well worn, frayed at the edges and hard to find; they are somewhere in my wardrobe and tend to sum me up. Yes I do need to come out of the closet. No Angela, you are not a mule, certainly not a blue depressed one. Your slippers are bursting forth with your curly wurly feet that are ready to dance and embrace the adventures that come your way. 

Thank you for being such a good and noble friend."

Whoohoo - love the 'noble' bit! But yes...maybe pink mules would be better...?

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