Wednesday, 2 January 2013

End of year greetings...

2nd January has rushed upon me.  Christmas seems such a distant memory, the arrival of 2013 somewhat horrifying.  Time is a mystery.
Back in December I had meant to put on our yearly roundup of news.  Trying to get the balance between (too) brief and (very) boring, i.e. in lengthy and unnecessary detail. Here goes... 

"Woohoo - time for a yearly roundup again! Looking forward to hearing your news, but meanwhile...Pollards' life at the movies"...

During 2012 we attended Four Weddings and a Funeral: as we enter the season of our friends' and relatives' children embarking on marriage, Angie's mother, aged 88, died in October: she slipped gradually away, gently and peacefully.

The Princess Bride is a story of true love: Cat was a stunning bridesmaid to her school friend Hannah. It was a beautiful Guernsey wedding: gorgeous weather, great fun.
Then there was Love, Actually...yep, Jonny. And the gorgeous Adele. Both of them in Norwich. Lovely to have her visit this year, and we were able to meet her parents while they were on holiday on The Other Island. (Jersey).
In New Zealand, Cat has explored the film locations of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, in between working for Christians Against Poverty. She's popped up occasionally in CAP's own film clips, too.

And for those of you who have come across the wonderful British film Nativity, which features a creative and charismatic teaching assistant- yes, Jonny is presently working as a TA in a primary school.
Richard continues to appear in his own version of Airplane, happily back at work since time off for illness. Fit and healthy as long as he avoids eating wheat products. He is still surfing the waves... (just don't mention Jaws).
Angie is still teaching: at various times she feels as if she could be on the set of Harry Potter /Shrek/High School Musical/St Trinians/. Still enjoying inhabiting the quirky world of children, who manage to make her snigger several times a week. As for The Social Network, our Bible study with a group of friends is a weekly highlight. Angie meets with a group of friends for a regular breakfast slot - not exactly Calendar Girls, but close - some of whom are part of an online Bible study too: the joys of Facebook!
And, of course, through the year it has been great to meet up with friends from near and far, present and long-distant...over twenty years in some cases. We love sharing our home and sharing Guernsey, so please come and see us!
Must Love Dogs. Pickle lives up to her name, quite happy starring in her own dramas at home: adaptations of In Golden Pond; Eat, Chew, Love or The Great Escape.
We spent the hottest weekend of the Summer Holiday camping on Jersey. Then, in October, we enjoyed the warmth of Lanzarote - its stunning volcanic landscape a superb setting for various sci-fi movies.

As for Christmas: It's a wonderful life - Cat and Jonny both came home for a Christmas visit."

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