Friday, 15 March 2013


11th March. It started snowing gently in the early morning. We went to school. By mid-morning a blizzard had begun. Children and teachers fled home at 12, slipping and sliding as the snow blanketed a surprised Guernsey.

The wind howled, the snow blew, and whiteness covered the land. And parts of the sea.

12th March.
More snow. More ice. More staying at home. More thumps as snow slid off the roof.

13th March.
It stopped snowing. The sun came out. The snow started to melt. At least 65 trees down in the storm, not counting the 5 Leylandii bordering our garden which gently collapsed onto their neighbours. The daffodils lay where they had been knocked to the ground. Vegetation lay scattered. The earth started to breathe once more.

A brief history of snow.

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