Sunday, 23 June 2013

Reading again...

Just catching up a little on reading and book reviews: I read 'Heiress of Winterwood' by Sarah Ladd, recently, a Regency romance with a satisfying amount of suspense. Worth the effort. Here is what I wrote for Amazon:

"Although I received this book as a free Kindle copy through Booksneeze, I was fascinated to find the author linked to several other authors and blogs I read regularly. So, it was no surprise to find that the quality of Sarah Ladd’s writing is good (although – and I am not paid to say it – Booksneeze’s choices reliably ARE well worth reading!)

The book is set in Regency England. Although she is an American author, Sarah has, unlike several other historical writers I have read, the ‘voice’ of the period right. The prose is written in credible English with only one or two Americanisms creeping in – normally, there tend to be so many that the language jars on a reader, hindering the plot. This is a tribute to the extensive reading and research the author has done around the period.

Written in a traditional Regency romance style, there is a good amount of suspense, spiced with a little danger and unexpected twists in the plot. We are drawn in to the need for Amelia to avoid an unwanted marriage in order to continue caring for her motherless niece. Recognising early on that the hero she has decided to marry – the baby’s father – is in fact the book’s love interest, the author nevertheless keeps us on our toes as we follow Amelia’s actions. After some skilful interweaving through the plot, the conclusion is satisfyingly heart-warming.

This is a delightful, easy read which I gobbled up at one sitting. More, please, Sarah!"

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