Sunday, 25 May 2014

Nashville Sweetheart by Rachel Hauck: a book review

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In this intriguing romance set in Nashville, Aubrey James has been a country music star for a decade. She had performed on stage since she was a small child, but rocketed to fame after her parents, who had pioneered gospel music, were killed. A private person, Aubrey is forced to enter the public eye after a former close friend and associate betrays her. Yet the reporter interviewing her for the country music magazine 'Inside NashVegas' digs up someone from her past she would rather forget. As her world seems to collapse around her (Aubrey breaks off her engagement to a rich businessman and fights with her label over the sort of music she wants to produce), Aubrey finds herself falling in love with the reporter and at the same time rediscovers her faith in God.

I love Rachel Hauck's books and take every opportunity to read her writing and have, in fact, read this book twice (I obtained it free of charge from Booksneeze in exchange for an unbiased review). Yet I found the language difficult. Not only is much of it written in the first person, but also the points of view change as each of the two main characters speak in turn. This is not a writing style I enjoy and I found it distracting. Nevertheless, I was drawn into the story and started caring about the characters.  By halfway through the book I had become involved and found that I really did want to know the ending.

I'm not sure I'd read another book in the Nashville series, but can recommend Rachel Hauck as a writer.

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