Saturday, 6 September 2014

30 years...a brief (very brief) summary

Yesterday was our thirtieth wedding anniversary. (I think. I get muddled up with these ordinal numbers, but I think that is right. In any case, we have been married for thirty years.)

THIRTY years!  How did that happen?!

Thirty years of adventure. Not in a very great sense, in some ways, but perhaps we have seen more adventure and change than many of our peers who have spent all their lives in the UK.

In the last thirty years married to Richard, I have:
  1. Given birth to twins. A boy and a girl. Now grown up. Wonderful people.
  2. Moved house several times. ( See footnote )
  3. Laughed. A lot. Cried some. Shared my heart.
  4. Moved continent and culture. Only one major adjustment; several minor ones. 
  5. Travelled backwards and forwards between Africa and Europe, and across the globe.
  6. Lived in a tent. Twice. For several weeks at a time.
  7. Learned to study the Bible, joined Bible study groups and led Bible studies.
  8. Lived in a tin hut. Nine months, that one.
  9. Cooked over open fires, on antique wood-burning stoves and on a very elderly, running-off-a- gas-cylinder cooker.
  10. Lived in a wooden house - built from cedar from Mount Kenya.
  11. Made good friends from many different countries, most of whom are now, also, scattered across the globe.
  12. Lived in a bungalow, a large Victorian terrace, a modern house and several converted barns...
  13. Run a gliding club. Challenging.
  14. Run a golf club. Even more challenging.
  15. Flown, often, in aeroplanes, from huge jets to tiny two-seaters.
  16. Camped in remote parts of the African bush - and even, not so remotely, in Europe, too.
  17. Been chased by elephants.
  18. Listened to leopards and hyenas.
  19. Tracked animal footprints. Yes, even lions.
  20. Encountered snakes. Too many times.
  21. Bathed in hot water springs.
  22. Learned to drive on murram roads, in mud, and past corrupt policemen.
  23. Been robbed at home, at knife point.
  24. Written stories and, occasionally, published articles.
  25. Sailed, canoed and travelled by boat and barge on lakes, rivers and canals. 
  26. Swum in the warm Indian ocean and the cold Atlantic.
  27. Enjoyed crafting and making cards.
  28. Taught many children.
  29. Become adept at using computer technology.
  30. Written a blog!
Each one tells a story of its own.  And in the previous thirty years? That's another story altogether...

So, we celebrated. With friends. Afternoon tea, tapas lunch. Cake for my colleagues, chocolate for my pupils. And a special meal out...

Overwhelmed with blessing, kind thoughts, touching cards, gifts and beautiful flowers. #feelingloved

2.A list of some of the places we have lived in:


                                                                 Njoro Country Club.

                                                                 Mweiga Airfield

                                                           Aberdare Country Club.





4 Cabot.


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