Saturday, 2 January 2016

Kiwi wedding #15 Cat's Bridal Tea

Cat had asked to have a 'kitchen tea' a couple of days before the wedding.  She had had a hen party (a camping weekend, of course) but the idea of the tea was similar to a bridal shower, a tea party where friends of the bride and the bride's mother would bring 'bottom drawer' gifts to help the bride in setting up her married home.

As Cat and Andy would, initially, be living and working in rented accommodation in Vanuatu, going over with just an airline luggage allowance, the traditional approach obviously wouldn't work for them.

Still, the idea was to provide an opportunity for the wedding guests to get to know each other a little before the wedding.  Mags and I had visited New Zealand before, so had met some of the friends and family, but Adele hadn't and so it seemed a good occasion.

Adele, Mags and Bex (Andy's sister) were in charge of the arrangements, and I was copied in. So, in secret, we all planned more of a 'hen party' type; of event.

With a travel theme, we made bunting and decorations out of old maps; created a signpost pointing to the different places and activities which Cat and Andy were involved in; devised games; and baked suitable treats.

Cheese scones, heart-shaped shortbread, balloon cup cakes with a photo of the happy pair perched in the 'basket' and a 'volcano cake' complete with red lava icing.
Signs pointing to places in Cat's life...we were blissfully unaware that Cat and Andy had already created something very similar, but lifesize, for the wedding!
Erupted volcano cake...
The bride's beautiful flower garland, created by Adele.

Cat went out for an hour or so before so we could prepare the surprise.

The expression on her face when she arrived was priceless.

Mags created a 'travel bag' for her with all kinds of useful objects to help her embark on her life with Andy.

We also played marriage 'consequences'.

And of course, there was a passport, which we all wrote in.

Fun? Yes!

Beautiful daughter and daughter-in-law. Adele is so completely wonderful: we are privileged to have her in our family. She embraced the planning and organisation of the afternoon tea, bringing her unique creativity to the decorations and baking. I lost count of how many different treats she baked.... and, of course, her sweet and practical nature was such a brilliant help and support. We love our sweeties!

Andy's mum Sue and colleague/flattie Faith

Soon-to-be-sisters-in-law Rachel, Niamh and Kirsty

Frisbee friend Frauke, friend and running buddy Bex, Rachel

School friend Mags and running buddy Gael

Games: wedding consequences

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