Friday, 10 June 2016

It never ends....the stone pile chronicles continue.

OK, cleared the plant border yesterday. More houseleeks, some hostas, a large clump of unidentified but ubiquitous orange lilies which refuse to look good when cut for a vase,  a few daffodil bulbs and tough creeping geranium. The latter more than strengthened my arm muscles and did little for my back.

Came back home this afternoon to find that Richard had tilled the remaining soil and scooped it out onto a board on the lawn, sifted and ready for refilling the hole once the hardcore had been put in.

The trouble was, the hole wasn't big enough. The edge of the flowerbed curved into the lawn, leaving soft spots which had to be squared up to take the plastic mesh. More digging required: not a problem, but the pile of earth next to the hole had to be moved before we could widen said hole. Because the earth was piled up on the edge. Clear? As mud, actually, but the short story is that I moved a pile of earth so that we could dig out more earth to pile next to the hole and then hope that the hole is now wide/square/big enough....

It was. After more tilling, more digging, more spade work, we had a good rectangular shaped hole to fill with hardcore:

Then I had to start moving the stone into it: the aim was to get the stone pile Off The Drive:
The stone pile, a third of its size after half an hour of frequent trips with the wheelbarrow. Wish I'd taken the photo earlier when the pile was HUGE!

Not much left to do now.

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