Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Endless. summer.

Nearly the end of August, and the summer continues. We have seen rain on approximately four occasions since the beginning of July, although Cat and Andy had a couple of damp days during their visit. This was due, in part, to being away from Guernsey as the island endured fog and rain for several days, but since we have been back we have had a morning of rain and a thunderstorm. Otherwise, one sunny day stretches into another...

Bliss. I am into my ninth week of school holidays - unprecedented, I think, in my career - and enjoying every minute. Cycle rides - some functional, running errands; some social, visiting friends; some just for fun, exploring the nooks and crannies of parts of the island I've rarely ventured into. Cliff walks - first one way from our house, then another: we are five minutes' walk from the path. Sea swims, although it is never 'warm', just tolerable. #LovelyOnceYouAreIn
Rocquaine in the evening

The Cup and Saucer - Fort Grey. #MartelloTower

So warm on the rocks

The time to relax. Gardening: planting vegetables, trimming shrubs, filling pots with compost and herbs, preparing a compost heap. Beach: with husband, with friends, soaking up the sun in sheltered spots. We even helped as marshalls in the car park for the North Show, visiting it afterwards to look at all the amazing produce and creative displays...
Large vegetables

A very hungry caterpillar. Half the length of my hand.
This morning, I woke before the sunrise. Too good an opportunity to miss, so within minutes dog and I were out of the door. It is a five minute stroll to the cliff path and the sky was beginning to lighten.

Mist lingered above the dew-dampness, the gorse and heather glistening in the pre-dawn light. Silken nets, spider-laid traps, waited for flying insects to be lured into captivity. My feet stirred dust up lightly from the rocky path, its dryness a stark contrast to the moist green of bracken and bramble.

The dog was in heaven: more interesting rabbit smells than she knew what to do with, each leading off fruitlessly into tiny runs through the undergrowth.

The sun came up, the world changed...

...and then there was sunset.

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