Sunday, 20 November 2016

No. November

November. Never anyone's favourite month, in spite of the excitement of Guy Fawkes and fireworks night.  And that's a mixed blessing, anyway: I know we should be thankful that a seventeenth century act of terrorism was foiled and the monarchy and Parliament were saved, but it has never sat comfortably with me that we celebrate a cruel death.

But bonfires and fireworks are long gone. Instead, we have Storm Angus, who howled through the English Channel last night, breaking branches off trees, tossing trampolines, stamping on surfboards and boats and generally keeping everyone awake.

Not us, though. In spite of hearing all kinds of tales about the fierce winds which affect this part of the island, we slept through the Force 12 gusts which tore through at 2.20am this morning. The only damage was to the spinach: already hail-battered, it is now looking rather wind-shredded. Green debris and the odd slate littered the roads this morning.

We are thankful. Thankful for a solid, warm house, when many sleep out in the cold, fleeing from terror.
Thankful for the loving friends we have, as I put together our yearly newsletter and start to send it off with Christmas cards. (Feeling somewhat under pressure, as some folk still don't know that we have moved, let alone have our new address.)
Thankful for family , even though they are all so far away that it tears my heart to shred.

There we are. No.Vember.

Some photos to bring cheer to a cheerless month:
Richard preparing to light the wood-burning stove he has installed

Lit!  It warms the room incredibly efficiently.

Final 'autumn cleaning' of TMH.  It needs a name.

Tanna coffee. From Cat and Andy in the summer. Warm climes, warm memories...

Baby butternut. The plant produced three medium sized squashes, in the end. Well done, plant!

Spinach, pre-Angus.  And the potatoes are ready now, too!

Orchids in the evening sun

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