Tuesday, 12 May 2009


My days seem so full that, when I look back, a day seems as long as a week. I can hardly believe that so much can happen. I feel both like the child who says, when asked what she did at school, answers 'Nothing,' and yet the lines of the poem are also true: A day to childhood seems a year, a year like passing ages.

Today was an example.

Today, I...
ordered 40 clipboards.
edited an article for our school magazine.
scanned some children's work.
received an invitation to an awards ceremony.
issued invitations to the same ceremony to a group of children from gardening club.
marked English, History, Geography and maths.
attended a staff meeting.
worked on a cross-curricular day which one of the teaching assistants and I are organising in a couple of weeks.
tried to borrow a tent for the same day.
emailed our PSHE advisor about changes to the curriculum.
set a date for a publicity event for our new school garden.
emailed the headmaster of our link school in a remote area of Tanzania.
emailed a parent about an absent child.
met with another parent, concerned about her son missing some lessons.
discussed a discipline issue with a boy.
laughed over a small boy's antics: in his haste to get to lunch on time, he catapulted out of the changing rooms, tie loosely around his neck but completely separate from his shirt collar, shirt untucked, hair awry after a hurried change, just avoiding cannoning into a wall.


and checked my diary through very carefully - so much happening in the next few weeks.

Not like today, then.

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lisa said...

If I got a fraction of that done I'd be so proud of myself!