Friday, 22 May 2009

Whoop whoop!

What a week! Thought I was busy a few days ago, but...

Anyway, in the Easter holidays I spent a couple of days - and I mean days, not hours - of work putting together an application for an award to develop the conservation area behind our school garden. I'm not a graphic designer or even have artistic talent, so it was quite a challenge to create a digital map of our school garden, with accompanying photos. The plans included putting up nesting boxes, creating all kinds of habitats for insects, planting shrubs and climbers, planting a boggy area... the possibilities seemed endless. So I put it all together and sent it off hopefully.

To my delight, we were shortlisted. A large group of conservationists - I lost track of all the different organisations they represented - came and looked around, took photos, interviewed me (on camera!) and then said they'd be in touch. We were invited to the awards ceremony a week later.

Much to my delight and surprise, we were awarded the prize jointly with the other shortlisted school - £1000 to spend over three years. Not only that, but the conservationists gave me an even more exciting idea - put up owl boxes on two of our tall trees. Might even get kestrels. Wow!

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