Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mpira and his friend Lucy

A couple of years ago, an Australian friend used to housesit for us occasionally. She and the dog built up a rather devoted friendship...which they still keep up via facebook. Here'a a recent message...

Dear Lucy

Just a quick note to say that I miss you - nobody makes me do the washing up any more and the cuddles aren't QUITE as good as yours. However, I have managed to move my bedroom upstairs and even occasionally get ON THE BED - how cool is that?!

Not much happening on dogbook but I am still working on my fitness. I can now swim at least half a mile and have learnt how to climb over mooring ropes while swimming without drowning myself. I quite enjoy jumping off rocks as well, though I have to say I'm not particularly graceful.

How are you doing? I thought you could write already, but your profile picture shows you having lessons? Could I learn as well?

Missing you lots and lots

your devoted friend


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