Wednesday, 28 October 2009


It's half term, and Cat is back home. A happy juxtaposition of 'time off'.
It's not time off, though. It's catch up time. Cat, overbusy with her 'job' as activing (sic) president of the Christian Union at uni, now has to get her dissertation finished.
Mostly finished.
Well, partly finished.
Even halfway would be good.

Me? I'm enjoying having a daughter here who says, "Can I make pudding?" and then proceeds to whip up something delicious from fridge and store cupboard in minutes, with a minimum of fuss and mess.
A daughter who shows me some of the exercises which are part of her fitness regime.
(I managed a couple of them for a fraction of the time, and felt very pleased with myself.)
A daughter who has spent precious time writing thank you cards to the CU committee members who made the house party last weekend such a success. (Who thanks her, I wonder?)
A daughter who lights fires in the hearth and shares wine with me.


The label function for this post won't let me put 'Cat'. It insists on 'Cat and Jonny'. Together. Jonny is back at uni, catching up on hours and hours of reading. He's had a good fortnight visiting his oldest friend who was passing through Amsterdam (from Tanzania, where his parents live, to the US, where he - presently - lives), then at the Hillsong conference in London, then at the University Surfing Champtionships in Newquay.

Sadly, now, no time to come home for half term.

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