Wednesday, 22 September 2010

How a week becomes less sad...

I wrote recently about the intermingling of happiness and sadness in our lives. I've just realised how things change.

We're still sad that our friends have left us. Yet, in the last couple of weeks, we've had a special visit from old friends, celebrating 25 years of friendship. We've spent time with precious new friends. And I discovered that a colleague at school is a believer!

We're still sad when we remember Mpira. Yet the baby rabbit who has 'grown up' in our garden since he left is now so tame that he doesn't stir when we walk past him. Or her. Who knows?

We're still sad that the 'kids' are not here with us. Yet when we hear that one is so loving her job, so excited about working that she happily puts in an 11 hour day, we cannot help but smile. And when I read in an email that the other has the part-time job he needs, in a coffee shop where the customers will be hugely blessed by his infectious smiles and jaunty cheerfulness, I squeak with joy. So glad to see how God is making ways smoother for him.

And yes, there is - will always be - an element of sadness that autumn is approaching. Meanwhile, we enjoy a wonderful indian summer, so warm we sit outside in the evening under a full moon. So warm that it is easy to swim in the cold sea, or cycle home late in the dark. The air breathes.

Sadness. And happiness. And, even, joy.

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