Saturday, 18 September 2010

Simple pleasures

Rachel Olsen is hosting a devotional carnival next week - the title is Simple Pleasures. That didn't need much thinking!

Today, four friends came round for breakfast. We do this once a month or so - up to a dozen of us, busy women who hold down full time jobs. We sit round the table, enjoying a little time out of hectic lives. We eat, laugh and talk about Jesus and what a good friend he is to us - especially at work. Simple. Pleasing.

The sun shone - all day. A simple pleasure.

I went out kayaking with my husband. As we paddled across the bay, the water was smooth as glass. A simple pleasure. So was the cappuchino we drank in the warm September sunshine on the beach.

This afternoon, I harvested crab apples from our tree. Such goodness from nature. A simple pleasure.

I have just finished re-reading - not for the last time - my friend Lisa's book Approaching God. A simple pleasure.

In a few minutes, I shall leave to cycle the length of this pretty little island. The sea is still sparkling as evening approaches and the tide has come flowing gently in. A simple pleasure.

And I shall spend the evening with good friends, laughing, learning, living. A simple pleasure.

How good a day this is.


ngojakidogo said...

Thanks, I seem to forget how to enjoy myself some days. I looked up that book, it comes out in the US on Oct 31 this year. I'll put it on my wish list and look for it again after that. God bless you.

Mama Mpira said...

Thanks for that, Connie! So glad you have found Approaching God - it really is a lovely little book.

Mama Mpira said...

And yes, I also forget to be thankful for and enjoy simple, everyday things. I remind myself when I read others' blogs and realise it is often the simplest things which bring fun into my life, as long as I recognise them!

Caroline said...

Looks like you have wonderful reminders all around you of God's love through simple pleasures!

Jen said...

Your words make me smile and relax. Enjoy your good day!

Debbie said...

Hi there!
If I wasn't taking my swim in a heated pool I might feel differently...your island sounds lovely, and your simple pleasures wonderful. Sometimes it's just nice to enjoy life.