Saturday, 4 December 2010


The coming or arrival, especially of something important. Advent.

Yes, a joyous season. Yet there is something especially sombre about it. As I focus ESPECIALLY on that first coming of Jesus, I cannot but help think of my own unworthiness. It is, quite honestly, almost too much. I almost don't get it. Am I worth someone else's life? I don't think so, but Jesus did. Billions of times over. Mind-blowing.

So, as I decorate the house, put up Christmas lights, a tree, add ornaments, bake...I consider my life. I consider how I can live better - because of Jesus. How I can love better - because of Jesus. How I can laugh better - because Advent, leading towards Christmas, is an indescribably joyous time.

And that deserves my laughter.

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