Sunday, 9 October 2011

Better a little dust in the corners...

I''ve always enjoyed the email which makes the rounds, the one I call the 'thankfulness' email.  Reminding me of how 'annoyances' are actually blessings: when the lawn needs cutting,  I can be thankful I have a garden to enjoy;  when laundry needs doing, I have a family; when a house needs cleaning, I can be thankful that I have a home to live in. 
So Holley's post Grace for where you are today taps right into that: the unmade beds, dirty dishes and piles of laundry are all evidence that 'people live here'.  From the number of comments on her post, many readers need to be reminded that people and relationships are, ultimately, more important than clean floors.
We all 'know' this. Yet we get sucked into believing lies that performance (efficiency in housekeeping, or doing our job better than others, or...) and appearance (a beautifully clean and tidy house, or fashionable dress and make-up, or...) matter more.
Many years ago, well before marriage and children, a friend - whose home was, in any case beautiful - laughingly told me the Swedish proverb she lived by: 'Better a little dust in the corners than a clean hell.'
I never forgot that. It made all the difference to someone who LOVES Clean, Neat and Tidy. And so yes, there was the odd moment when I got 'beyond myself' over the dirt and the mess while bringing up my children, but that little saying always popped back into my mind before things got Extremely Ugly. (Though whether my children would agree with me...??!)

So it's good to be reminded. Reminded that, although I still get sucked into this unhelpful mindset, it is people who matter more than things.

PS Bonnie's post over at Faith Barista chimes in with remembering God's blessings, too. I especially love her last few words: 
'Remember God’s benefits.
– Remember God’s goodness.
Travel back in time and remember God’s goodness, His faithfulness.
 “Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget none of His benefits.” Psalm 103:2'


mags said...

hmm indeed. I spend a lot of time moaning to my lovely housemates about how untidy they are but now they have all gone to Greece for 2 weeks im terribly lonely! Can't win! Guess id rather live with the untidyness rather than not have them here at all!

Mama Mpira said...

Ohhh - ALL gone is not good! Come back hereaways then you won't be on your own!!!