Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pickle is a pickle

It's been quite hard becoming a puppy parent again.  Actually, I'm not sure I've ever been a real puppy parent: most of the dogs I've had have arrived at the ripe age of 8 months or older. Whatever, it's a) time-consuming and b) wearing on the nerves.

I'm sure there are c) d) and e) points as well.

So we've been reading up on puppy training quite assiduously.  Pickle's report card might look like this:

Response to name:
Attainment: A*
Effort: Superb
Pickle enjoys attention and responds immediately when her name is called. 
Come here!
Attainment: B
Effort: Satisfactory
So far, so good. This command has not yet been thoroughly tested in situations of high interest ie in wide open spaces where there are unlimited opportunities for interesting smells.
Digging holes.
Attainment: A
Effort: Excellent
Pickle has demonstrated tremendous energy in acquiring this skill. She has excelled in creating holes of both width and depth. She now needs to learn where is an appropriate place to dig, as the middle of the lawn is definitely NOT suitable.  Willingness to fill in a hole once it has been finished with would also be appreciated.
Jumping up.
Attainment: D
Effort: Sometimes satisfactory
Pickle is being trained in the art of greeting. This should consist of sitting politely in front of the family member or guest, then waiting to be stroked or hugged. Unfortunately, although Pickle is able to sit quite beautifully, she has not so far proved herself willing to accede to requests to 'sit' in situations where she would rather leap about in a hysterical manner. We look forward to seeing her develop greater self-control.
Attainment: A*
Effort: Excellent
Pickle's sitting is absolutely exemplary and is a joy to behold. Well done, Pickle!
Attainment: A
Effort: Excellent
Although she does not yet 'give' on command, Pickle readily retrieves a ball thrown for her. She is beginning to learn that releasing the ball to the handler results in further pleasurable games of 'fetch'.


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