Tuesday, 8 May 2012

February, this was you...but I forgot, so here are March and April too

I began the year with the intention of writing a monthly summary of our lives. January worked out quite well, but then I forgot. All. about. it.
Until just now.
Here's a summary:
Cat came - and left again. Back from New Zealand for a short visit and a good friend's wedding. (She managed to find a stunning dress and accessories to go with it for just a few pounds. Beautiful.) Wonderful to see her, sad when she left. What more can you say about a beloved daughter without descending into maudlin sentimentality?
We had a day's training as CAP (Christians Against Poverty) money coaches. An amazing tool for helping those struggling with finances - and assisting others to become better stewards of the financial resources they have been given.
Half term. A welcome break from a very busy time. Lots of fun with and for the children, though. Otherwise, life is full with church and house groups and friends.
And fog.
And return to work for Richard, after 8 months sick leave. Praise God all the retraining and getting used to the flying schedule went well.
So, just a few weeks back onto full time rostering and Richard had an engine failure. Interesting. Too interesting. Suffice to say that all ended well.
Otherwise, school was busy. Lots of little pleasures. A delightful class makes teaching even more fun than usual, as we celebrated little triumphs: winning competitions, performing music and poetry, acting...and our yearly fundraising challenge, using talents to multiply £1.  And then, as the end of term neared, teaching about the real meaning of Easter is always a joy. I love the children's openness and questions, and the discussion this generates. I love how it inspires my own faith. Those eight little words need to be a book.
School holidays, and catch up with friends from near and far. Jonny came to stay for half the holidays - with Adele. Looking back, I realise April was a really happy month.

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