Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lanzarote refreshment

Balm for my soul,
nautical twilight
gently suffuses the horizon.
stars creep
from long-forgotten hiding places
doting on the arid land.

and I remember
a long ago journey
through a desert deserted place.
a young mother, a dreaming father, a trusting babe.

Along the skyline, one by one by one,
crawl camels and goats.
A dog barks lonely in the distance.

Hibiscus, bougainvillea, euphorbia, mimosa, cactus...
grow, without soil, out of the black picon,
those astonishing dark particles of rock
attracting moisture,
sharing generously
under cover of darkness,
nourishing life with water.

Centuries ago
an olive tree began to grow,
leaning away
from a harsh prevailing wind.

A froth of surf
lacily fringes an azurely turquoise sea
caressing a golden beach.

Volcanic mounds
scatter a landscape patterned
with terraced gardens and vineyards.

Coming with peace, twilight
beckons with mysterious fingers,
hands full of promise.

This seemingly barren landscape
loves me with possibilities.
My soul rests, rejoicing.

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