Saturday, 3 November 2012

An Odd October...

Bereavement. Starting October with my mother's last days was not the best way to begin the month...She died on October 3rd and the family gathered to celebrate her life on October 11th. Gladness and sorrow.
Illness. Nothing serious, just an unpleasant feverish cold...which went on for weeks. And weeks. Struggled through school somehow.
Half term and holiday. A welcome break - and recuperation - in Lanzarote. How we love that arid island.
Friends. Pickle and Howie's walking date is a highlight of most Saturday afternoons. We owners look forward to the tea and cake and chat while the dogs play. Thursday evenings are small oases of refreshment, too, as we meet with our church home group. Plus various others...lovely.
Was October odd?  Yes, and no.  The unexpected, the strange, the familiar... yes.

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