Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Christmas Day comes rushing towards me. School is now finished, and I have a blessed free week to catch up on all the things which have gone neglected over the last term, clearing up the detritus of a teacher's life.
Blessed week.
I have learnt not to stress with a 'to do' list. Yes, I make the list, I prioritise, yet if something doesn't 'get done' then perhaps it didn't NEED to get done in the first place. Perhaps 'it' was one of life's little optional extras. Nice if it happens, not the end of the world if it doesn't.
Because there are indeed only few things in life that are really important. Like breathing. Loving. Laughing.
This coming Saturday is important. Saturday evening Cat and Jonny return home, landing within minutes of each other, flights permitting.
Saturday afternoon my dear friend Kareena brings her dog Howie to play with Pickle. Best of friends, these two little dogs know each other's names.
Saturday morning friends gather here for breakfast. A brief pause in their Christmas rush, a reconnecting.
Loving. Laughing.
So I thought I might show these cute little films which have been doing the rounds. Coincidentally, they are from a church in Auckland and Cat has seen a live showing of this year's offering at their Christmas celebration GLOW.
Look at this fresh take on an everlasting story.

What I love most about these brilliant films is the last line of the credits: BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

PS Tammy Maltby has some great insights about what is IMPORTANT about Christmas. It's Jesus. Obvious, but we forget it.

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