Friday, 7 December 2012


Where did November go?  Washed away in fog, gales and torrential rain. Driving home one night, we crawled through the lanes as the rain lashed down, reducing visibility to just a few yards. Flights were delayed or cancelled and my bike barely saw the light of day some weeks. WEATHER!

In many ways, I barely noticed. The pace at school accelerated to breakneck as we struggled to get reports written (8,500 words) and parents meetings (more than 6 hours in total, spread over 2 evenings on the same week of report deadlines) fitted in. Add to that the start of the build-up to Christmas!

Inbetween, I fitted in the breakfast I host every month for a small group of wonderful friends. Brilliant to get together over the croissants and share our lives as we follow Jesus. We're even in touch on facebook as we are part of an online Bible study with Good Morning Girls.  Then there was school open day; catching up with old friends; coffees and lunches; and, of course, Pickle's weekly playdate with her best friend Boston Terrier Howie and a walk on the beach.

It seemed as if November passed me by: yet it was an unusually packed month.  Certainly NOT a non-event!

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