Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Trislander engine failure: the final report

The tail engine of the Aurigny Trislander which blew out 15 minutes into its flight from Alderney to Southampton on 27 March 2012.
Over a year has passed since Richard had to deal with an engine failure on a flight from Alderney to Southampton. Since then, emails have passed back and forth while the engine has undergone investigation and now the final report from the Air Accident Investigation Board has just been released, and so the incident has been rehashed in the local press.

I want to show my wonderful husband off. There have been a few more comments in the press: the managing director of the company said 'The pilot handled the incident in a calm and professional manner and was commended for his actions.'
(The commendation by the former managing director was simply that he had 'avoided turning a drama into a crisis'. High praise indeed. ? )

My favourite quote was from one of the passengers: "The pilot was fantastic. He simply said: 'We've got a technical problem and we are going back to Alderney.' Some people just kept on reading."
I love it.

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