Saturday, 11 May 2013

Amazing April!

Well, not exceptionally amazing except for the weather, which was amazingly cold. North winds bit at the sunshine. It was warm behind glass, so the greenhouse lettuces started to grow. Fortunately, the school garden is further behind although it is hectic trying to get things going quickly now. Not enough time, not enough time...

April brought many good things. A visit from Jonny was first: he helped us hugely by chopping up some of the felled trees which had collapsed under snow and stormy winds in March. There were five trees in total, so there is firewood for the next x number of years.

Our dear friend Leslie from Kenya days came to stay. Good to catch up on times old and new. Such a privilege to share in the lives of others. The end of the month saw me meet up with precious friends from Rugby days, too, when I dropped in before and after attending a course at Rugby School. The town hadn't changed too much - the railway station has been wonderfully upgraded: clean, smart paintwork which went some way to ameliorating the brash new canopy which replaces the beautiful Victorian fretwork which had lasted a hundred years... progress? Not.

So days were full with holiday catch up of all sorts...friends, colleagues, chores. A time of looking back and remembering the distant past. And many conversations about the future - immediate and further off. Because in all this, mid-April marked the start of another period of sick leave for Richard...we wait to see what will happen...

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