Friday, 3 January 2014

Book review: A December Bride. Because it's December, it's Christmas holidays and it's switch off and read read read time.

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I was delighted to get a copy of this little novella to review from Booksneeze - for free!  Thank you! I had already read Barefoot Summer, a full length novel in the Chapel Springs romance series, so it was delightful to become reacquainted with some of the characters.

'A December Bride' starts off in time-honoured fashion with a hero (introduced only as 'Murphy', though we soon find out his Christian name is actually Seth) who the heroine, Layla, is antagonistic towards. Then there is a problem - who will be Layla's date at a wedding; and an even bigger problem: the wedding is of an ex-boyfriend who, it seems, she hasn't quite got over. Throw in some misunderstandings (not least, that Seth publicly announces his and Layla's engagement - without her agreement), nasty remarks from the woman who stole the ex-boyfriend and the heroine's striving to change career and you have all the ingredients for a fun read.

And I'm really not giving anything away when I say that the reader knows how it will all end - happily ever after - but just as happily skips through the twists and turns, the acid conversations, the embarassing situations and the romantic encounters to arrive at the ending. Great fun.

This is the first in the 'A Year of Weddings' series by a range of contemporary authors, including Rachel Hauck of 'Once Upon a Prince' and 'The Wedding Dress', both of which were delightful. Denise Hunter is now firmly established in my mind as a similar 'go to' author. Thanks for the introduction, Booksneeze!

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