Thursday, 26 December 2013

Pollards seasonal review for 2013

I love writing a yearly letter to friends near and far. Not just for the opportunity to reconnect with dear friends, reflecting on the privilege of having so many scattered around the world as a result of their - and our - frequent moves; but also for the opportunity to look back on a busy time full of blessings...It's fun to have a theme, too.  Last year it was films; this year, the seasons...

Winter. After a wonderful family time together, Cat returned to summer in New Zealand and her work at Christians Against Poverty. Jonny went back to Norwich, with Adele, who visited after Christmas. Guernsey saw more snow than it had in decades. Accompanied by gales and airport closure, the snow brought down 5 trees in our garden. Firewood for a few years...
Spring. A breath of fresh air brought reunions – both planned and completely unexpected. Family: and many friends from recent and distant past. Richard was grounded from flying for medical reasons. He has been holding the fort very efficiently since then.
Summer. Sunny conditions all round. Adele’s parents, Phil and Judy, came to stay. Adele and Jonny got engaged! We journeyed to Middle Earth to see Cat and also went to Sydney to meet up with dear friends...only 20 years or so since we had last met. Read the blog for all the detail!
Autumn. Jonny started a PGCE course to become a primary teacher. An Indian summer brought Byron and Lisa from Africa: 28 years of friendship.
Seasons of change. We have hope in our hearts and our eyes on the future. We look to JESUS, the reason for THIS season. Happy Christmas!

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