Sunday, 16 March 2014

A March Bride

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I love Rachel Hauck's writing, so, yet again, I leapt at the chance to review her novella A March Bride. It is a sequel to Once Upon A Prince, where American Susanna Truitt meets, falls in love with and is wooed by Prince Nathaniel of Brighton. This story tells of their wedding.

Prince Nathaniel had convinced Parliament to amend the Marriage Act of 1792 which forbade marriage  between foreigners and royals in line to the throne. We meet Susanna, now living in Brighton and trying to learn Brighton law, tradition, customs...and how to be the wife of a king. But Susanna is missing her family and the warmth of Georgia, while Nathaniel seems busy, preoccupied, apparently less in love with her: and she begins to have doubts.

Misunderstandings creep in. Parliament throws difficulties in their way. Susanna's homesickness begins to get the better of her. Her family need her...and so she goes home for a 'visit'.

Susanna has many doubts to overcome and we walk with her through different encounters as she comes to realise that yes, she does love Nathaniel enough to endure the rigours and responsibilities of royal life. And, in turn, he proves once again how romantic he can be...

This was a light and enjoyable read but I must confess I was a little disappointed. It was all just rather too predictable: we know -the girl ends up with her prince. It felt too much like a Disney fairytale: perfectly saccharine sweet with few surprises for the reader. But then, Once Upon A Prince was a hard act (too hard perhaps?) to follow...

This was a Booksneeze review copy I received for free: I have enjoyed all the other books by Rachel Hauck, but this is the first one I wouldn't have bought. (That doesn't mean I'll give up on her, though: she crafts beautifully written books!)

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