Monday, 14 April 2014

Book review: 'Dancing with Fireflies' – a Chapel Springs romance by Denise Hunter

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Dancing with Fireflies is the story of Jade, a free-spirited, blues playing girl who has fled from her home town only to return years later, nursing a sad secret. It is the story of Daniel, a man who has loved faithfully in secret for years and has lost the courage to declare his love. It is the story of two people whose close relationship must – should – end with them realising their love for and attraction to each other: but will they make the wise choice to be together?

I have read other stories by Denise Hunter, finding her an entertaining writer: enough detail to flesh out the plot, neither too much nor too little. She shows  the characters’ thoughts and feelings without too much angst, subtly driving the plot forward.  We meet Jade’s warm family and Daniel’s cool one, mixed together with peripheral friends who are romantic and suitable distractions. We read of family rediscovered, lives rebuilt and love reclaimed.

Daniel’s earliest memory of Jade was of her spinning alone in the at twilight, dancing along with the fireflies. Will she learn to dance with fireflies again?  

Denise Hunter writes enjoyable romantic novels which deal with difficult subjects: death – both actual physical death and the death of hopes and dreams; loss and bereavement; unwanted pregnancy; rape. The setting may include dark times but Denise Hunter treats them carefully and thoughtfully without leaving the reader downcast or despondent. You, too, as I did, will finish this book with a smile on your face.

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