Sunday, 28 December 2014

Crazy in love

The Boy and Dear Daughter-in-Love have just left after a week. Their first Christmas together, and they chose to spend it with us.

#feelingloved #veryhonoured.

A wonderful time. Relaxed, chilled and a deep sense of peace.
Celebrating Christ's birth in song and services and shared meals.
Giving, laughing, living.

(With just a little grieving over Dear Daughter's absence in New Zealand. We thank God for Skype and for dear friends there who substitute family for family and give her love and laughter too.)

And now they are gone. The house feels actively calm, as if rooms are springing back into their own emptier shapes now that there are only two of us here. I sense the carpets breathing again, the furniture settling back to normal living. I can hear the dishwasher working in the silence.

The dog gazes out of the window, hoping for their return.

The Swedish tomte on the window sill know better. My heart echoes their woodenness.

And the Father?
The Father, after we have said our goodbyes at airport departures, suggests we have a coffee in the airport runway viewing lounge.
The Father leaps to his feet as they walk out towards the aeroplane, waving a last goodbye.
The Father drives us home for one last look for waves to tell the Boy, the Surfer, about.
The Father goes online to track their flight. He tells me the time they have taken off. He tells me that they haven't yet landed at their intermediate destination. (The Other Channel Island, the name of which cannot be mentioned here.) He shows me where they are as they fly across the English Channel. He wonders why they have to circle the airport before they land.

He is crazy over them.

And as we reenter normal existence, where we live our lives, they live theirs and sometimes we are able to share through emails and Skype calls and occasional texts, I am reminded of how our Father in Heaven, too, is crazy over us. So crazy in love that he knows what we are doing every moment of the day.

He has looked deep into our hearts, and he knows all about us.
He knows when we are resting and when we are working.
Even from a distance, he knows what we are thinking.

He notices everything we do and everywhere we go.
Before we even speak, he knows what we will say.
He protects us on every side.

There is absolutely no escaping from Him and His love.
Nothing about us is hidden from Him!
Even before we were born, he knew everything we would do.

Our Father in Heaven doesn't need to track us. But He is crazy in love, too. And he loves The Boy and Dear Daughter-in-Love and Dear Daughter even more than we - and the dog - do.

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