Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Our Christmas letter 2014:

Turning, in this time of Advent, to the Greatest Story of All. And thinking of our own year filled with stories...a good selection of biographies, comedy, romance, travel  and action/adventure.

Life stories, as we have met up with old friends, shared memories and caught up on what has been happening in our lives. Thank you to all those who have journeyed across the water to visit us: a warm, not watery, welcome awaits the rest of you!

School stories: as Jonny ploughed his way successfully through his PGCE year and got his first teaching job, Angie moved to Year 6 and enjoyed teaching girls again.

Romantic stories: a year dominated by an extraordinarily happy wedding. We shared in the preparations over the months and weeks beforehand: #dryinglavender #rosepetals #organisingelectricity  #orderingelectricals  #fairylights .  Then we spent the penultimate week in a Norfolk cottage with Phil and Judy, #dearfriends #Adelesparents.  Putting the marquee together in a field next to a Tudor mansion was full of fun.

Family stories, as Cat visited from New Zealand, most of the cousins met up for the first time ever and the adults were together for a family occasion which was, happily, NOT a funeral. Someone celebrated a VERY big birthday and also, with Someone Else whose turn it is NEXT year, achieved 30 years of "ecstatically-happy-never-a-cross-word" married life.

Holiday stories...In January, trapped for several days on a remote island with no access to the mainland; Lihou, half a mile of the south coast of Guernsey, accessible only at low tide. Visiting friends in sunny Cyprus during a cold February half term; #blissfulwarmth. Exploring the beauty of Norwich and Norfolk; #officiallyinlovewithEastAnglia. Camping, recharging spiritual batteries at Spring Harvest in France; wonderful cycling as well.

We talk, often, of what our future story may be. Life is changing, as Richard retires officially in May next year.

When I think of all our stories, I remember something I read recently: "The best stories are centered on the hope and gratitude we live out in the midst of our imperfect stories."

Whatever happens, we are grateful to God for His care of us and ours this past year and look forward to whatever is store in the future.

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