Friday, 26 October 2007


We took them over about four weeks ago, helped unpack, find their way to the shops, and so on.

We spent more money on grocery shopping in one go than I have ever done in my entire life, stocking them up with heavy essentials of rice, baked beans and chocolate biscuits. It was incredibly stressful trying to manage four people rushing round a strange supermarket, throwing items apparently randomly - despite my list, torn into shopping-sized pieces - into trolleys.

Which leads me to something I find irritating - going into the same supermarket chain, yet the layout is often completely different. On this occasion, the rice was cosying up to... the cornflakes.

Now where is the logic in that? It's not as if we eat rice for breakfast in this country. Or maybe it was a subversive shelf stacker trying to cause havoc and headaches among the shoppers. (I know, I know... computerization means that such a person would immediately be identified - possibly by their incriminating fingerprints - and loaded onto the exit conveyor belt before he or she could say checkout.)

But why can't supermarket layout be standardized by government directive - we are, after all, heading in the direction of total government control on all aspects of our lives. Obesity, now: why not just put all the fat-laden foods into one aisle and call it that: The Fat Aisle for Irresponsible Citizens. There's an idea: sales would rocket.

There were a few minor errors - my husband bought ONE enormous packet of washing powder which would normally last our whole family several months.

Going by the rate of clothes washing since - coupled with the difficulty of one twin having to negotiate with the other for the powder - this will last them for the whole three years.

Fortunately, I did some stocking up on my own behalf and am now revelling in avoiding the mega shop for a few more weeks. Aah.

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hee hee! really funny! :D