Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The broken nose - cause for more merriment

Back to school, and I'm not looking forward to the comments - least of all from the children.

My husband reckons my cred is going to skyrocket. After all, a surfing accident is much more exciting than falling down stairs or walking into a moving cupboard.

It's going to be the topic of some instant creative writing:

"The hapless prince screamed, struggling against the ropes which tied him, as the fearsome dragon approached. Dodging its fetid breath, Mrs Pollard leapt forward, brandishing her trusty sword Dragonslayer.

Darting between the dragon's enormous legs, she jabbed Dragonslayer upwards, piercing its scaly throat. As soon as the noxious green blood came pouring out, she raced out from underneath the monster.

Quick as she was, she was not quick enough. As she fled to safety, the dragon raked its claws across her face in a last, feeble attempt. She heard the ominous crack of her nose breaking, but she ignored the pain as the dragon crashed to the ground, dead."

Beat that, kids!

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