Saturday, 31 May 2008

Cycling, recycling, shopping, soothing

The sun came out today - the weather was already warm early in the morning, and it stayed like that all day, feeling like summer at last.

So I scurried around, catching up on a few jobs which had been trying to catch my attention for the last few weeks. (I usually have to see a problem twenty or more times before I'll do something about it - the stuff on my desk which needs filing, dusty corners, a spot on the carpet which needs to be cleaned...) Then I whizzed off on my bike. And do I feel good about that!

In an hour I combined exercise with recyling our cardboard, cans and bottles, then stocking up with fruit and veges on my way back. The roadside stall now sells fresh red peppers and luscious aubergines, begging to be roasted or barbecued. I was lucky to get there before everything was sold out.

Not to mention refreshment for my soul. The sea sparkled, the rocky outcrops begged, as ever, to be explored and the sand glistened. I cycled past, drinking it all in, hardly noticing the time. Guernsey is such a wonderful place to be.

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