Saturday, 17 May 2008


The other day, a group of us were chatting about life in Guernsey.

We have wonderful community activities. Several women were enthusing about the farmers' markets, the craft exhibitions, the local cafes.

All great fun. But I just can't bring myself to spend leisure time SHOPPING. Shopping is something that is done on the way home, or if I need to exercise on my bike. Weekends are too precious to go shopping.

With exceptions. Our local hospice depends on its shop to fund its activities, so I take stuff, buy stuff, support where I can.

Otherwise weekends are for having a lazy cup of coffee with my husband; catching up on my correspondence, keeping in touch with dear friends; talking a longer walk than usual with the dog; fiddling around in the garden. Today I pricked out herb seedlings, planted out the tomatoes, weeded in the greenhouse.

But the best of all was a visit to my dear friend Renee. It was a huge treat to spend time with her. Why would I go shopping instead?

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