Sunday, 25 May 2008


I was forced to spend some time in the garden this afternoon. Not too much of a hardship: it was sunny and warm, so no way was I going to stay inside the house anyway. But the pumpkin, tomato and lettuce seedlings were bursting out of their pots, demanding to be replanted.

It was fun. I'd rather have been reading a book instead of getting my nails filthy, but still it was fun.

The trouble was: where could I put them? Nowhere in the garden is safe from rabbits. They LOVE lettuce and will snack on young pumpkin plants. They're not so keen on tomatoes - too strong.

I stuck a few in the greenhouse, a few outside, and a few into larger pots, safely high up and away from marauding rodents.

Now it's the slugs I have to watch out for.

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