Friday, 6 June 2008


Boys. They can be just SO irritating sometimes.

The behaviour I've had this week is just ridiculous. It's nothing major - just lots of little things, as wearing as water dripping on stone over the millenia. Which feels like my age.

There have been boys writing on their hands, their knees, their legs, their desks, chairs... all in lessons, while they were supposed to be listening. They don't even do it discreetly - they could at least pretend to pay attention, keeping their eyes fixed on the teacher, while their hands are busy. But they don't - their focus is fixed on whatever they are doing, heads down.

Then there is the drumming. Great skill - in the drum lessons. Tapping fingers, pens, pencils, feet, knees to make any kind of sound becomes extremely annoying.

Add to that singing (tunelessly, for the most part), humming, whistling, air wheezing out of squeezed water bottles and sucking noises - even the very occasional loud fart - and I have a new type of orchestra going in my classroom.

It's not even musical - just irritating in the extreme.

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