Thursday, 26 June 2008


In conversation with friends tonight, I was trying to remember a certain word. I know exactly what it means. I can think of other words which mean the same. But I can't bring to mind this particular word.

It stumped one of my friends as well. Both of us knew exactly what we were thinking of. Neither of us could remember.

I'll probably remember at 1 o'clock in the morning, or some such time.

I can't remember because I'm tired. It's activity week at school. I'm enjoying being with different children from normal. It's good fun. But it's VERY tiring.

Apart from the hectic, full-on atmosphere that comes with being with dozens of active little boys, I've been on my feet, non-stop, for up to six hours or more at a time. Even a cup of coffee, or lunch, has been taken on the run. We've been to Jersey Zoo; scraped glue off hundreds of tiny tiles and then made mosaics with them; run around our medieval castle at dangerous speeds; gone ten-pin bowling; made sand sculptures on the beach.

The weather has been beautiful: hot and sunny, with a strong, cooling breeze.

Much as I've loved this week for it's variety and fun, I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow!

(PS: the word was oxymoron. How simple was that?!)

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